eHealthAnalytics is a team comprised of world-class specialists in machine learning, data architecture, gerontology, electropysiology, and information technology, most of whom have worked together for many years in both corporate America and as successful entrepreneurs. Pythia PREDICT™ is our advanced analytics platform  that powers MedDev PREDICT™, Patient PREDICT™, and Formulary PREDICT™. 

Meet our Management Team

Gail Port, CEO

Jacqueline Laver, CTO

Lorien Pratt, PhD Chief Data Scientist

Ron Adelman, M.D. Chief Medical Officer

Ken Shapiro, Chief Enterprise Architect

Laura Housman Chief Strategy Officer

Gene Wolkoff CFO

Marilyn MacNiven-Young Esq., General Counsel

Meet our Advisory Board

Nestor Cabanillas, MD

Rosanne Ott

Ernest Drucker, PhD

Cathy Cather

Joey Beitdashtoo

Michele Colucci, Esq.

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