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Pythia PREDICT™ is our subscription-based Advanced Analytics platform designed to make healthcare delivery more predictive, prescriptive, and personalized. Using massive amounts of data from multiple sources, we use deep machine learning and decision intelligence to find the weak signals – seemingly insignificant factors that would otherwise not be found – to produce a complete prediction for the interaction of implantable medical devices with all aspects of patient demographics and treatment modalities – something that has not been done before. This provides not only superior outcomes but a distinct value proposition for payors, device manufacturers, providers, and patients.

At the heart of Pythia is our robust, highly-curated Intelligent Data Lake, consisting of device-related data from sources including a client's embedded device sensors, social media and blogs, adverse event reports, device safety databases, and the FDA's MAUDE, database, as well as details about all aspects of treatment for millions of patients, including patient demographics, treatment information, outcomes, and claims collected from a variety of sources including claims, medical devices, EMRs, genomic data bases, and public records. The high quality of our analytics reflects our ability to cleanse, engineer, and curate a client's data for machine learning using a comprehensive set of HIPAA, FedRamp, and HITECH compliant tools, security features, and proprietary processes, focusing on industry best practices for the five pillars of data security: compliance, separation, encrypted communications, data encryption, and security monitoring. 

We produce the value-based comparative metrics, options, and recommendations to determine which combination of devices, procedures, medications, and lifestyle changes produce the best outcomes in even the most complex scenarios related to multi-morbidities and polypharmacy in the most cost-effective manner possible. Our Predictive Analytics – what will happen – and Prescriptive Analytics – what should be done about it – enable stakeholders to use both their quantitative and qualitative data to produce meaningful, actionable insights and make effective decisions related to improved clinical care, lower costs, and increased revenues. 

Access to all of the data sets in our repository and our analytics is through the Pythia PREDICT. Portal that serves as a self-contained interface to all the work that an organization performs in conjunction with eHealthAnaltyics' products. Any communication between users of the portal are managed by and stored in that vehicle. Information related to the data landscape used to produce the machine learning results are displayed transparently in very clear language. The Portal can be personalized in the same manner that other web applications facilitate limited customization, or we will be happy to provide a completely customized version of the Portal for your organization.

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